Thursday, 26 June 2014

Purchase from Leading Extruder Machine Manufacturer in India

Few decades back, riveting was the most common process used for joining the metals. However, it has been replaced by superior welding technologies. These technologies are tested on the basis of how well the welding rods are produced. However, without high quality machineries and well designed manufacturing process, it is difficult to manufacture best quality welding rods to users. Since past few years, the manufacturing process and technology has developed tremendously. One of the important machines used in the welding process is extruder. There are few reliable Extruder Machine Manufacturer in India that manufacture two types extruder: vertical and horizontal. You can choose any one depending on the space availability and the type of metal used in the welding rod.
It is advised to do proper investigation so that you can choose the one that best suits your manufacturing process. Although there are standard extruder, it is better to ask the Vertical or Horizontal Extruder Manufacturer whether they can customize the machine as per your specifications. However, some extruder will not produce the right output as per the given specification. Therefore, it is recommended that you opt for a slightly larger machine than your requirement.

In the extrusion process, the machines involved are Extruder, Conveyor and Wire Feeder. The cut wire is added by a wire feeder through the extruder. It is coated with high pressure and the electrode coming out of the extruder is then conveyed with the help of conveyor.
Make sure that you purchase high quality extruder. In case an extruder breaks down, the entire manufacturing process will stop. Get all the details about the extruder from the Horizontal or Vertical Extruder Manufacturer. It is important that electrical motors and the metal used is of high quality, and also, the machine should not vibrate when switched on. Request the manufacturer to give your company a demo at their facility, as it will help you to make the right decision.

Logos Weld is a leading welding electrodes machine manufacturers India. They started in 1994, and have been pioneering in the field of welding machines. Their consumers are spread across India as well as other countries. They take pride to have built a good reputation in the welding industry. They have become a global leader in a very short span of time. Visit for more information.
About Logosweld:

Logosweld is the leading welding electrode machine manufacturers in India. Contact us for high quality welding electrode making machines.

Choose Leading Manufacturer for Welding Electrode Machinery Manufacturing Plant

There are very few Welding Electrode Machine Manufacturers in India that manufacture high quality welding rod machineries as well as welding electrode plant and machineries. These companies have been able to build trust with their client base as they have experienced and skilled employees who leave no stone unturned to produce quality products. They offer world-class sate-of-the-art products, installation and maintenance services.

The main priority of these reliable manufacturers is customer satisfaction. From CAD section to material testing, they have all advanced technologies in their research and development department. The quality check is done at every stage in order to ensure best quality product is delivered to the customer.
Few decades back, welding industry in India was not developed. The manufacturers produced low technological machines that were not easy to use and maintain. However, in past few years, due to tremendous technological development, there has been rise in demand for automatic Welding Electrode Machinery Manufacturing Plant. With new innovative ideas, the leading Welding Electrode Machine Manufacturers in India have been able to produce advanced machines that are commonly used in various industrial sectors, like automobile, oil and gas sector and other heavy machinery industries. They constantly carry out their research in order to produce machines that are par with the International standards.
Today, with the availability of high quality, low maintenance machine, manufacturers no more need to depend on international products. They can get the best and innovatively crafted machine without burning a hole in their pocket. Be it wire straightening and cutting machine, broching machine, extruder, dry mixer, wet mixer or wet flux reclamation machine, leading Welding Electrode Plant and Machineries Exporter in India have wide range of affordable welding machines.
If you are looking for best quality Welding Electrode Machine at affordable prices from a leading welding electrode machine manufacturers India, visit: You can ask for a free quote or mail them your specifications, they will respond back to your queries within 24 hours.
About Logosweld:

Logosweld is the leading welding electrode machine manufacturers in India. Contact us for high quality welding electrode making machines.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Choose Best Quality Welding Electrode Making Machines

Welding is the most common activity that is done in various industrial sectors. Welding industry is growing slowly and steadily in India. The growth of this industry is majorly dependent on the quality and cost involved in manufacturing products with the use of welding machine. Since past few years, there has been progress in this industry and innovative techniques are used in manufacturing Welding Electrodes Machinery and Equipment.

However, in earlier days, most welding machines in India were operated manually and therefore the process of manufacturing becomes tedious. Today, you will find many automatic and semiautomatic machines that are easy to operate and gives quality results. Also, the productivity of various manufacturers has increased. There has been rise in construction companies in India, and they have been looking for quality Welding Electrode Making Machines that would make their work easy and convenient. There are several industries like this that depend on welding machines so that the manufacturing process is carried out smoothly without any hassles. However, with automatic machine, it has made the process of welding effortless.

Be it any industry, oil, energy, automobile or aerospace, they look for quality machines. Many of the manufacturing plants in India are set up by offshore companies; they are in constant search for equipments that would improve their efficiency and produce quality products. However, these companies opt for Welding Electrode Making Machines that are manufactured by foreign companies as they are of high quality and need very less maintenance. Although the welding machines manufactured by Indian companies are not par with the international ones, there are very few Welding Electrode Machine Manufacturers in India that manufacture advanced and high quality welding machines. All you need to do is browse through the web and look for companies that have been in this industry since many years and is known for manufacturing quality machines. The advantage of using Welding Electrode Making Machines manufactured in India is that you will get high quality machines at lower price compared to imported ones. 

Logosweld is a manufacturer and supplier of wide range of welding products, such as wire straightening and cutting machine manufacturer, wet flux reclamation machine, dry mixer, wet mixer, broching machine, extruder, etc. To know more about their products, visit

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Logosweld is the leading welding electrode machine manufacturers in India. Contact us for high quality welding electrode making machines.