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Scope of welding industry in India

Welding is a globally accepted method to join the metals permanently. In some aspects, it can be taken as a mature industry but the fact is it is still growing. The actual effect of welding on metal working industry can be measured in terms of the products or parts produced by welding, the cost saved with the use of welding over other fabrication methods and the value of equipments produced through welding. 
The past data shows development of the welding equipment and materials industry which is an indicator of the expected growth in the future.
Various welding electrode manufacturing plants that were using manual welding equipment are now demanding automated equipment to improve the productivity. Huge expansion of construction, shipbuilding and energy specifically wind power sectors in India will highlight the strong growth of Indian welding market. An analyst quoted that while many welding electrode plant have been adversely affected by the economic slowdown, construction, shipbuilding and energy sectors have been recession proof and have created considerable demand. A gradual shift from manual to automatic and semi automatic welding electrode production machine have also been key drivers of the growth. 
The Indian welding industry was dominated by low technology and very rare technological innovation. However, in recent years, the demand of automatic and semi automatic welding electrode production machine has been rising. Simultaneously, low budgets and recession have marked the ongoing popularity of manual, economical techniques. Increased FDI equity inflow in India has contributed to the rise in projects in offshore activities, oil and gas sector, aerospace and heavy machinery industries. Many foreign automobile companies have set up their manufacturing units in India. This has positively affected the rise of consumables and welding equipments. However, economic crisis has impacted the flow of FDI in India which may result in decline in demand of welding equipment over the short period. There has been an overall growth of about 10% in steel industry in India. The rising demand of steel has promoted the use of modern, unique, uses of steel, increasing the demand of welding equipment.

One of the big challenges faced by the local manufacturers in India is the considerable import of welding equipment. The increased imports has negatively impacted the market share of local participant in various industries such as shipbuilding, automative and transportation and white appliances. Another challenge faced by
welding electrode plant is the unorganized sector that presently occupies nearly 50-55% of the market. Lack of standard specification and tedious approval process is resulting in the growth of unorganised sector. In order to remain competitive, Welding Electrodes Machine Manufacturers India need to produce high quality and unique goods. With increasing competition and lower profit margins, manufacturers need to improve their service, performance and delivery.

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