Monday, 24 March 2014

Different Types of Welding Electrode Flux

Welding is an important procedure in electronic assembly business. Electronic welding is a technology involving the use of electrical energy, pressurized by the warmth, giving rise to two or more than two parts fused with each other. There are different types of welding electrode flux used by welding electrode flux manufacturer exporter.  

Welding electrode flux are materials used in welding method which can help and advertise the welding method concurrently, it could protect the articles and prevent it from oxidation related to the chemical substances. Flux can be of three types – sound, liquid and fuel. Generally main function of welding electrode flux is to get rid of solder along with the oxide around the steel floor in order to make it clean. It can also stop the floor from being oxidised again and then lower the surface area pressure for solder and also increase the welding functionality. 

The welding electrode flux exporter make use of welding electrode manufacturing plants when welding in order to ensure top quality and recover welding impact. In recent past years, different types of electric flux is widely used in electronic products manufacturing process. Some of the types of electric flux used by welding electrode manufacturing plants are: 

Inorganic welding electrode flux

Inorganic welding electrode flux is also known as water soluble flux due to its ability to dissolve in drinking water. It has enhanced chemical functional potential which will improve the welding functionality to a greater extent.

Organic welding electrode flux

This is also a water soluble flux. Its effect lies between inorganic series flux and rosin flux. The welding residue of this type of electrode flux can be retained for a longer time with no considerable corrosion. 

Rosin Flux

E6010 welding electrode is the most frequently used welding electrode flux. It can be dissolved only in natural solvents. The major element of this flux is rosin whose melting point is 127. The highest temperature for welding is between 240 to 250. The temperature range is exactly what is required for rosin to be energetic and then there will not be any difficulty about welding residue corrosion. Due to these features, rosin flux is a corrosive flux and is widely used in digital gear welding. 

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