Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Importance of Extruders in Welding Rod Manufacture

Riveting once used to be the preferred standards for joining metals before the advent of superior welding technologies. Welding technologies are vastly related to how well welding rods are manufactured. Without proper machineries in place and an advanced manufacturing process it is not possible to deliver the right kind of welding rods to users. Welding rod manufacturing technology has improved exponentially in India.

At the core of the manufacturing process is the extruder machine. Locating an extruder machine manufacturer in India is a simple game. There are basically two types of extruders that manufacturers install in their facilities – vertical or horizontal. The choice of selecting between the two is widely dictated by space availability and the kind of metal used in the welding rod. It is important to choose between the two only after a thorough investigation of the end product is completed.

For extruders, welding rod makers depend on a horizontal extruder manufacturer or a vertical extruder manufacturer. Depending on the type of process adopted one or the other is chosen. Though many manufacturers make both types, it is always best to fall for a manufacturer who specializes in one of the two.

Though it is best to use a standard type extruder, it is always prudent to ask if the manufacturer can customize it to specifications you give. Not all extruders will perform to specification when it comes to output. Therefore the best that welding rod makers can do is order a machine that has a slightly larger capacity than what is required. It will certainly help to maintain a balance between production and sales.

Reliability is an important criterion in choosing the right type of extruder. When an extruder breaks down, the entire working of the plant will come to a standstill. This you can prevent by choosing an extruder that is manufactured to exacting engineering standards. See if the electrical, motors and the metal used in the machine is top class and the machine does not vibrate even under very trying situation. Before you order, ask the manufacturer to see a demo at their facility or better sill see it working in a regular manufacturing plant.

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