Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Technical aspects: Manufacturing Welding Electrode Plant and Machinery

Welding electrodes, as the name suggests are equipments that are used for arc welding purpose. These electrodes are coated with flux. So, basically to understand the concept of Welding electrodes, we must know what is Welding? The process of joining a metal to another metal is known as Welding.
 If said in simple words, it’s like heating two metals at a very high temperature so that both of them melt and get stick to each other and thus joined strongly enough so that they can’t be easily disjoined. This is an important process that has found wide applications in constructions, building, airplanes, cars, bridges and anything where ever you find metals joined.
Welding electrodes are produced to be used for fabrication of joining
  • Steels
  • Alloy Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Hard iron etc.
    Welding Electrode Making Machines

The process of Welding Electrodes Machine Manufacturers India:
Though this process was earlier used only for big projects and large scale applications, however it has gained space even in small scale applications. How welding Electrode Making Machines work and what do they produce. Let’s know more about it.
  • First of all, Electrode quality wire of desired size is straightened on any straightening machine. The size of this wire may vary.
  • Then this wire is being cut and stored.
  • The flux for this wire is then made, as per the formulation devised or depending upon the requirements of Welding electrode. This flux is prepared in dry blender and a wet mixer.
  • Then comes the automatic slug press, in which a slug is prepared in cylindrical shape.
  • This slug is then placed on extrusion press and straight cut wires are fed in wire feeder.
  • Flux coated on wires is passed on conveyor for fixing it and then collected at end.

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