Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Welding Safety Tips and Guidelines

Welding is one of the most dangerous and thrilling professions in the world. Welding is actually heating one metal over the other so that they both melt and dry up to join together. Welding machines are embedded with welding electrodes. Welding Electrode Making Machines coat straightened wire with flux which is then dried to form the electrode responsible for melting and joining two metals.
Here are a few fun facts about welding that you just didn’t knew before:
1. Welding is one of those professions that needs no educational qualification and interestingly has been called as “Best kept secret” professions as it can never be taught instead; skills have to be developed on your own.
2. Welding is something that has been practiced continually for centuries in countries like India. It can be traced back to the Egyptian era as their tombs have images of welders as well the iron tomb in Delhi, India that dates back to 300 AD, which marks the presence of Welding Electrode Machine Manufacturers in India for long.
3. There are many ways to weld, unlike what has been assumed by most of us. You can arc weld, metal weld, glass weld and more of its types.
4. Welding can be done with different energy sources including mostly of those that are used to heat food like glass flames, electric arc, laser rays, ultrasound rays and others.
5. Welding is not only limited to earth and metals. It has been tried and experimented in areas like underwater and space. However the risk involved is increased many folds. Many people have to sacrifice their lives if proper instructions are not followed while performing underwater welding. 

6. Welding without noise: Yes it’s possible. Welding in outer space or any vacuumed environment is silent, only sparks can be seen coming out.
7. Not only that metals are welded, there are other elements as well that can be welded. These elements include plastic and Lead glass tubes.
8. Welding is also amongst those professions that are performed not only by humans, but also robots. Robot welders can be seen welding in industries.
9. More than 50% of man-made items require welding. For instance, the roads, the cars, aircrafts, laptops and almost everything that you can think of and sometime don’t think of.
10. Average welders age on this point of time is 50+, precisely said 54. That means after 10 years there is going to be high demand of welders with qualities and hence high scope.
11. Welding Electrode Making Machines are an important element for this profession as the strength and tensile strength of their output i.e. welding electrodes is responsible for make or breaks of any building, bridge etc. most of the time.
So these are few fun and interesting facts about welding that you can use to wow others and impress them with subject knowledge of a profession that has no alternatives on Wire Straightening and Cutting Machines Manufacturer, low competition and very high demand and bright scope in future. Read More about Welding tips :

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  1. I didn't realize that more than fifty percent of all man-made items require welding. It seems like it is important for a lot of manufacturing industries to make sure they use the proper welding services. I would think that it can be a very useful skill to have as well, since there are likely many opportunities to use it.