Thursday, 18 February 2016

Various powders used in welding electrode

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One of the major raw materials used in the electrode welding process are powdered form of metals, minerals and ferro alloys. With higher productivity, improved quality of weld products and demand for better welding characteristics, most welders have starting using metal powders as an important component in cored wired as well as for coating the welding electrodes.
Nickel powder, iron powder, tin powder, tungsten powder are some of the most commonly used metal powders in the welding rod manufacturing plant. Among all these powders, the use of iron powder shows great results in improving the quality of the products. Even the efficiency of the electrode improves as slag is removed, spatter level comes down and the re-striking feature is quite better.
Iron powder can be used in various industries – right from welding, brazing, metallurgy, iron fortification, dyes & stains, treatment of iron chlorosis to the making of sintered products, soft magnetic products, friction products, breaks & clutches, filtration and metallurgy. Generally the high quality fine iron powder is used in the manufacture of soft magnetic components, printing, surface coating, polymer filterations and in soft magnetic components.
Here are some varieties of iron powder:


This variety is used specifically in the manufacture of low to medium density P/M applications, resin casting, printing inks and smooth magnetic paints. It is super fine and high in green strength.


Used mainly in rough magnetic paints and resin casting. It is a high green strength reduced iron powder.


Used in fire works, electro magnetism as iron fillings, chemical reactions for the production of iron chloride, iron sulfide etc and in concrete to increase weight.


A highly compressible, water-atomized steel powder, S1001 is specifically designed for providing high density and strength in powder metallurgy and forging applications. Along with this it is also used in the production of metal clays, magnetic paints, resin casting and brazing pastes.


This is a high purity soft iron powder used in making of soft magnetic components using resin casting method. It is highly compressible, water-atomized powder specifically meant for high density and high strength soft magnetic P/M components.


A coarse spongy iron powder made of high purity iron ore, it is used in chemical applications as well as in friction and filtration applications as well.
Depending on the industry and application requirements, any of these welding electrode powders can be used.
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